A group of second year Fine Art students from Arts University Bournemouth presents Contemporary Artefacts in response to the Bournemouth Natural Science Society. The exhibition showcases the talents of over 20 emerging artists as they continue to develop their own individual practices. From painters to sculptors, performers to video artists, they are exploring the BNSS in their own ways.


Bournemouth Natural Science Society is home to a large collection of artefacts, spanning many fields of both history and science. This year the museum celebrates it’s 100-year anniversary at the site which allows the show to really reflect on the crossovers between modern thinking and the past. It is an event that will allow for reflection in a multitude of ways. The building itself has its own history which enhances the archival aesthetic that is felt by the audience members and has inspired much of the work created.


Each artist has taken an independent viewpoint on how to respond to the museum, looking at all aspects of its running including the collection, society staff, visitors and the surrounding areas. Over the past few months, the AUB students have visited the site on several occasions to gain an understanding of the museum and how it fits contextually with the contemporary practice of the work they are making. Responding to the space has allowed the artists to think more about how they can produce work that compliments the society’s archive and the challenges of working around an existing collection. The intervention to the space has been the main focus for all involved, revitalising the institution to be used in a contemporary fashion.


The project has come together under the leadership of visiting artist Rachel McRae. This has been an exciting opportunity to all involved and we’d like to thank the Bournemouth Natural Science Society for allowing us to hold our exhibition at the venue and to the volunteers for sharing their expertise.